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"As someone who advises others on physical image, I was nodding in agreement throughout the read. I also gave a sigh of relief when I looked in the mirror."
-Judith Jacobs of Hollywood, CA

"This is a fun, witty and very informative guide on the do's and don'ts and why's and why not's of fashion, figures and female facts we as women wonder about."
-Barb Birch of Wayzata, MN

"I have just finished the book and let me tell you it was exceptional. It offers an array of valuable information to any woman who wants to look her best"
-Annette Nishimoto of Kalaheo, HI

"Clever and witty with a fast moving style. A good sense dressing guide for the phases of a woman's life."
-Geri Taylor of New York, N.Y.

"This is the most down-to-earth, amusing and insightful book I've ever read on how real women can take control of their closets, their bodies and their lives."
-Malita Special of Laguna Niguel, CA

"These two Divas have 'Been there. Done that.' Heed their words!"
-Caye Leicester of Acton, CA

"As a costumer, it's second nature for me to dress bodies of all kinds. Now these fashion savvy women have laid it all out so every woman will know how to dress her absolute best. This is a reference book I'll use over and over again."
-Jamie Reagan, San Francisco, CA

"There is a God. For thirty years I could only go to the closet, put on what's clean and hope it works. Now I have a no-fail formula. Thanks Dress Me Now!"
-Dorothy Hull, North Sydney, Australia

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